If your stuck on which crowdfunding platform to choose, the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA) was established in 2012 and has a voluntary code of practice so you can be assured that your money is safe. They go beyond the rules imposed on them by the financial authorities and it gives you more piece of mind as it’s designed to protect those participating in crowdfunding. Members even allow you to have a cooling off period if you decide your donation was misspent.

There are 12 founding members but Trillion Fund have some great youtube videos explaining who they are and the different types of investment available for crowdfunds- the difference between donation, loan and equity. Here is a wonderful video on what crowdfunding is.

Each founding member has a slightly different target market so they can harmoniously work together in this national association;

Abundance Generation

– Is focused on  renewable energy projects.

Bank to the Future

– Raise finance not just by donation/reward/P2P/Equity but a combination of these methods.


-Specialises in social venture crowdfunds.


– Innovative crowdfund platform that began from a story about an egg.


– Is an equity only platform.


– Utilises a reward based crowdfund platform to also call for peoples time and skills.


– Equity based platform for social and environmental businesses.


– A not-for-profit investment platform.


– Specifically for game developers.


– Best for start-ups.


– Connects individuals to existing companies for investment.


– For educational fundraising.

Trillion Fund

-Renewable energy focused in supplying low carbon energy projects.