M is for Marketing

Crowdfunding may be the most influential marketing campaign you ever do.

In order to crowdfund successfully, you have tell people that not only do you exist but that you have something they may well be interested in.  Traditionally marketing was about shouting out to a huge audience in the hope that at least some people may listen.  But now, with social media becoming more and more sophisticated targeted marketing with a reward can reach exactly the right people.

However, that is working under the assumption that people want what you are offering. So, before you start on your crowdfunding journey ask yourselves the following things:

What makes your idea/ product/ service so different from anybody elses?

Who is going to want it?  Are they a future customer?  What do they look like?  What brands do they like?  What is their name?  Do they have any children?  Don’t fall into the mistake of ‘everybody’.  Though you may truly believe that everybody could benefit from your product/ service or idea – focus on either one or two ‘ideal customers’ to begin with.

Now get into that persona’s head – and think about how they might think about your product. What messages might they want to hear?  Do they want to hear about trust, reliability, pricing?

Now, what will help them to truly care about what you are producing, and not only care but actually put their hands into their pocket?

Though intensive, a crowdfund will not only help you to identify your customers, it helps you to identify with your customers and vice versa. That can only be a positive thing and one that can sustain your growth in the longer term.


Crowdfunding Masterclass – March 14th, Leiston Abbey

Is crowdfunding right for YOU?

In today’s financial climate, understanding alternative funding streams is essential for organisations in the arts, heritage and third sector. How will crowdfunding affect your bottom line, when the bottom line is about so much more than money?

In order to answer this question – and many more! – heritage crowdfunding pioneers DigVentures have teamed up with Edinburgh-based creative crowdfunding experts SoLoCo to offer a weekend Crowdfunding Masterclass for arts, heritage and the third sector March 16 – 17, 2014 at Leiston Abbey, in Suffolk.

We’ll cover everything from basic definitions and models to asset mapping, capacity assessment, defining your value proposition, messaging, communications plans, and what do to with your new networks.

Do you receive public funding, and want to know how you can incorporate crowdfunding in your model?

Do you have a crowdfunding idea, but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to launch, but want to double-check your idea with practical advice?

By the end of the weekend, you will have the tools and understanding to decide whether crowdfunding is right for your organisation – and the confidence to lead and manage a crowdfunding campaign. We will provide you with plenty of reference materials, and options for follow-up help for your future activities.Image

Schedule and Prices

Friday, 14th March: Optional Friday night arrival

You are welcome to spend an extra evening with us in order to be ready to start at 9:00am sharp on Saturday. There is an accommodation surcharge for the night (includes breakfast on Saturday), so please select this option when booking if you would like to join us on Friday.  A detailed schedule of the weekend will be sent with your Registration Pack.

Saturday, 15th March          9:00 – 17:30 (lunch and refreshments provided)

Sunday, 16th March             8:45 – 16:00 (breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided)

Early Bird Registration is now open – Register before 10th February 2014



*All rooms are en suite, and prices include breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and Course Workbook

For further information please contact lisa@digventures.com