SoLoCo originally launched as a crowdfunding platform in September 2011, the first in Scotland. However it wasn’t long before we realised that our projects were really struggling to engage with their audience.  Determined to get to the bottom of this, we accepted an invitation to join Entrepreneurial Spark, a startup accelerator in the Gorbals where after intense research and a lot of hard work, we turned the model of crowdfunding on it’s head.  Thanks to the commitment and trust of our first client Nucoco, a Govan based Chocolate company, we orchestrated and implemented our first joint crowdfunding campaign.

What that campaign and our previous experience gave us was a huge insight into crowdfunding and the community of donors.  We are particularly interested in the use of ‘authentic engagement’ to reconnect communities with what is around them.  Over the coming year we will be researching, with the help of our clients and the Edinburgh Business School, the journey from apathy to care to conversion.

SoLoCo Evolution

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