H is for Hungry

To do a crowdfund you must be hungry for success. However, don’t confuse hungry with starving.  Because starving smells of desperation.

When hungry you want to see all elements working for you. You want to plan and prepare all of the aspects for the longer term so that you can taste each and every part of the meal you have cooked.  In crowdfunding terms, success looks like engaged followers, co-creation of ideas, longer term support AND money in the bank.

Desperate won’t achieve this. You will forget about the people giving the money, as the actual money is all that you can focus on.  You will probably give the hard sell, and will be so worried about not succeeding that you will probably be run ragged before you even start.

So. Give yourself time to plan and prepare. Look at all of the options. Look at who you are hoping to engage with. What do they want?  Are you providing an interesting, measured and appealing campaign?  Will it sate everybody’s appetite, not just yours?

My advice? If your funding is about to run out, steer clear of crowdfunding.  Fill yourself up on other funds and start to plan it for the future.