While we may have seemed a little quiet on the front here, we have been super busy and to get back on track why not revert to our inspire series. Philanthropy is at the core of Crowdfunding and without it Kickstarter couldn’t exist (or the many other crowdfunding platforms). This Ted Talk goes over the different styles of Philanthropy and how we have begun to see it change.

Inspire Series

At SoLoCo we are constantly inspired by those around us whether in our community or on the other side of the world. So, we have decided to start up a series where we will post up stories, videos and images that we find inspiring. We invite you to do the same and let us know if anything or anybody has inspired you to start your venture, how and why.

So, be prepared for lots of Ted Talks, blogs by people that we work with and some random stories that we come across in twitter or Facebook.  2013 is a time to be inspired and make things happen.  So, help us do just that!

So, to kick off here is one of my first inspirations to get up and make something happen.  Ernesto Sirolli’s approach to life and enterprise has had a lasting impact on me. So, shut up and listen….