What is this Sandpit all about?

Can you remember way back when you were a wee, never exhausted smiley child?

You would go out and affront the world with no concern, all humility and do your best at every shot, whether it was building the most stunning sand castle in your sand pit, or an incredible drawing for your mother. Then came along Mr opinion, closely associated to you – a friend or sadly, maybe a parent that came down on you and your  creation giggling and said “what’s that?” in a condescending tone. From there on in, the story built a sad ending on the marvels of your creativity. You are never simply bad at drawing or finding solutions, you have simply conditioned yourself repetitively, to remember that you are just “not good at it”.

Shame isn’t it? Just think, there could have been the eradication of some really serious social issues if this were not the case.

So, how does this relate to what we do? For your campaign to be successful be yourself towards a member of your tribe without driving your service at every opportunity. Establish authentic ways to engage with your communities online. Firstly take pride in your creative thought and secondly,  don’t let other people and their judgmental selves dictate the real you.